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A publisher of MyPages Directory in Malaysia with more than 35 years of experience in the publication and advertising industry.

We are in the frontline of promoting SMEs in bridging the products to customers in our search and advertising solutions not only in Print but also Online and Catalogues.

MyPages helps consumers & businesses connect to each other in a cost effective way via local search, ratings, image gallery, showcase profile and more. Our goal is to provide consumers a unique way to access local information.

Business listings in MyPages are search engine friendly & provide a unique way to advertise locally.

We are committed to making complex marketing simple. MyPages marketing solutions take care of the needs of every small-medium businesses. You can get better brand recognition with our multi-channel content marketing strategies.

Local Business Platform

We pride ourselves of developing excellent technology and search solutions by passionate people. MyPages provide multi-platform media search solutions. When online marketing gradually take center stage of marketing, complex is the word that defines most marketing strategies. Complexity is all around us. With the introduction of various media options from directory, eMail marketing, SEO, SEM, Local Search, Social Media and etc, it continually adds more complexity to our decision.

With over 35 years of established experience serving the SME’s marketing needs, we live and breathe Marketing. Our year-on-year growth is powered by our committed team of specialists, delivering an exceptional level of service and support to our clients, many of whom have been with us for more than a decade.

Google Adwords
Search Engine Marketing

MyPages teams up with internet giants Google to provide business listings and further enhance contents and information to the market as Google Adwords Premier SME Partner.

Our Mission And Vision

• An Essential Business Partner of every company
• Strengthen our client’s business growth and opportunities
• Maximise the advertising synergy and visibility
• Create greater usability among business operators
• Provide higher interaction among market players
• Integrate latest technology into our products, deliver most cost
  effective solutions that help our clients to reap maximum profit.